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Travels with Rhetoric

[Note: this is the first of a series of posts reflecting on a research trip to Greece taken December 2017.]

This past winter I spent a month in Greece, traveling and researching, something I’ve wanted to do for years. I have long been interested in the relationship between the material environment and ancient rhetorics, especially concerning Plato’s dialogues, but I never had the means to go and see the places I was reading and writing about. I was very fortunate to receive a research travel award from my institution, which made this incredible opportunity possible for me. My trip led to more discoveries than I can ramble off in one post, but I’m planning a series of future posts reflecting on parts of the trip and how it contributed to my thinking about rhetoric and writing.
Figure 1: The Greek Agora. Photograph by the Author. I began dreaming of Greece when I was researching the role of place in Plato’s dialogues as a master’s student living in Auburn, Alabama. To me, the place seem…